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Hire List – Jan 2019

Price is for 1 day
extra days at half of 1 day Price
Week Rate for 4 days Cost

“More Equipment Is Always being Added Talk to us if you can’t find what you are looking for”

Party PackagesDescriptionPrice 1 Day
OneGreat For Small Parties of 50 or less for Basic Background music 2x 12″ 120Watt Speakers with Mixer and Ipod Lead$138
TwoGreat For Medium Parties of 100 or less for Music to start dancing to 2x 12″ 450Watt Speaker with Mixer and Ipod Lead$200
ThreeGreat For Small Parties of 50 or less for Basic Background music With Extra Bass 2x 12″ 120Watt Mid High Speakers 1x 15″ 500 watt Sub with Mixer and Ipod Lead$180
FourGreat For Medium Parties of 100 or less for with Extra Bass Music to start dancing to 2x 12″ 450Watt Mid High Speaker 1x Dual 12″ 1000Watt Sub with Mixer and Ipod Lead$250
FiveGreat For Larger Parties of 100 or less for with Extra Bass Music to start dancing to 2x 15″ 1500 Watt 3 way Mid High Speaker with Mixer and Ipod Lead$300
KV2ESKV2 ES 3 Way Mid High With Dual 15″ Sub$600
KaraokeKaraoke System With Speakers and Microphones$300
JukeboxComputer Jukebox System$350
SpeakersDescriptionPrice 1 Day
Hype8DB Hype 8″ Powered Speaker$30
CP8QSC 8″ Powered Speakers 1000 Watts Great for Floor Monitor$50
XR10AM 10″ Passive 250watt Speaker$25
XR10PAM 10″ Powered 150watt Speaker$35
DB10DB Tech Opera 10″ 1600 Watt Powered Speaker$40
EX10KV2 Audio EX10 10″ Powered 500 Watt Speaker Great for Floor Monitor$50
112DB 112 12″ Powered Speaker$40
122DB 122 12″ Powered Speaker$40
450Mackie SRM450 12″ Powered Speaker$50
Hype12DB B.Hype 12″ Powered Speaker$50
612JBL PRX 612 12″ 1000 Watt Powered Speaker$65
CP12QSC 12″ Powered Speaker$65
DB12DB Opera 12″ 1600watt Powered Speaker$65
EX12KV2 Audio 12″ Powered Speaker$70
Hype15DB B.Hype 15″ Powered Speaker$60
635JBL PRX 635 15″ 3 Way 1500 Watt Powered Speaker$100
XR15AM 15″ Passive Speaker$50
MusicOutdoor Music Horn Speaker$15
P10STOutdoor Short Throw Speaker$40
P10LTOutdoor Long Throw Speaker$60
SubwoofersItem DescriptionPrice 1 DAy
KX12″12″ KV2 Audio KX12 500 Watt Sub$50
M1515″ Turbosound 500 Watt Sub$50
EX2.2Dual 12″ KV2 EX2.2 1000 Watt Sub$80
DB18SDB Tech 18″ Sub$90
EX2.5Dual 15″ KV2 EX2.5 1600 Watt Sub$110
AmplifierItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
GX5QSC GX5 500 Watt 8 Ohm Amplifier$50
1600Lab Gruppen 1600 Watt Amplifier$60
3200Lab Gruppen 3200 Watt Amplifier$80
MixersItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
Mixer1Small 2 Mic 2 Line Mixer Yamaha / Mackie$30
Mixer 2Soundcraft Notepad 8 ch Mixer$40
Mixer 3Mackie 12ch Mixer$30
Mixer 4Soundcraft MIFX 8ch Mixer$40
Mixer 5Soundcraft 12ch Mixer$50
Mixer 6Allen & Heath 16ch Wiz 3 Mixer$100
Mixer 7Allen & Heath 24ch GL2200 Mixer$125
Mixer 8Allen & Heath 32ch GL2000 Mixer$150
Mixer 9Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer$200
Mixer 10Yamaha LS9 32ch Digital Mixer$300
Mixer 11QSC Touch Mix 16ch$100
Mixer 12Behringer XAir 18ch Tablet Mixer$100
Mixer 13Soundcraft ui16 Web Mixer$100
Microphones (Vocal)DescriptionPrice 1 Day
SM57SM 57 All Round Great Microphone$15
SM58SM58 Vocal Microphone$15
Q6Karaoke Vocal Mic with Switch$10
ME66Sennheiser K6 Shotgun Mic with ME66$30
G3HHSennheiser G3 Handheld Kit$50
LapelSennheiser G3 / G4 Lapel System$50
HeadSennheiser G3 / G4 Headset System$50
ULXDShure ULX-D Handheld System$80
ULXDShure ULX-D Lapel System$80
Lect20Samson Gooseneck 20″ Lectern Mic$25
Lect15Samson Gooseneck 15″ Lectern Mic$25
ChoirAKG Hanging Microphone$20
Choir SShure Hanging Microphone$20
Microphone (Instruments )DescriptionPrice 1 Day
D112AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic$20
B52Shure Beta 52 Kick Drum Mic$20
430AKG 430 Overhead / Violin / Flute Microphone$15
SM82Shure SM82 Over Head Mic$15
421Sennheiser E412 Tom / Sax Microphone$20
GatSennheiser G3 / G4 Instrument System$50
DrumSSennheiser 600 Drum Mic Set$100
DrumBBeyerdynamic Drum Mic Set$100
Portable Sound SystemDescriptionPrice 1 Day
MickerPortable Microphone With Speaker$30
SamsonSamson Bluetooth Sound System$80
FocusFocus 505 Portable Sound System With Wireless Microphone$100
ChallengerChallenger C1000 Portable Sound System With Wireless Microphone$155
LSPSennheiser Portable Sound System With Wireless Microphone$200
Maui5GOMaui 5 Go Battery Powered Column PA System With Mixer$150
Lights (Party)DescriptionPrice 1 Day
GLas40mW Green Laser$40
GLas5050mW Green Laser$40
FFlasFirefly Laser$40
DTBGBlue Green Tunnel Laser$40
DTRGRed Green Tunnel Laser$40
Blue1000mW Blue Animation Laser$80
RGBRGB 500mW Animation Laser$100
MushChauvet Mushroom LED Effect Lights$40
QuadChauvet Quad Derby LED Effect Light$40
HyperHyper Derby LED Effect Light$40
LineChauvet Line Dancer LED Effect Light$40
SwarmChauvet Swarm LED Effect Light$40
Swarm 4FXChauvet Swarm 4 FX LED Effect Light$50
Swarm5FXChauvet Swarm 5 FX LED Effect Lights$60
SwarmwashChauvet Swarm 5 Wash LED Effect Lights$60
LED WashDescriptionPrice 1 Day
T38Chauvet Tri 38 LED Can$15
T64Chauvet Tri 64 LED Can$20
Q64Chauvet Quad 12 LED Cans$25
H64Chauvet Hex 9 LED Cans$30
StripChauvet Strip LED Bars$20
FrensChauvet LED 1k Fresnel With Zoom$50
SpotChauvet LED 1k Profile Zoom Spot$60
FS70Chauvet LED 70w Follow Spot$80
FS120Chauvet LED 120w Follow Spot$100
CPClay Paky 1200 White Follow Spot$100
Lights (Stage)Item DescriptionPrice 1 Day
650650watt Fresnel$30
1k1000 Watt Fresnel$50
P56300 Watt Par Can$30
P641000 Watt Par Can$50
Lighting ControlItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
CometTheatrelight 6ch DMX Desk$20
StarletTheatrelight 12ch DMX Desk$30
Nova24Theatrelight 24ch DMX Desk$50
Nova36Theatrelight 36ch DMX Desk$60
NovaLinkTheatrelight 36ch DMX Desk 2 Universe$80
FFrogZero 88 48ch Fat Frog$100
LfrogZero 88 96 CH Leap Frog$150
6chTheatrelight 6ch DMX Dimmer$50
12chTheatrelight 12ch DMX Dimmer$90
LED FurnitureItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
TableLED Cocktail Table$100
CubeLED Cube$50
SphereLED Sphere$50
Fairy LightsItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
String4m Section LED Fairy Lights Warm White or Cool White Black or White Cable$5
Curtain2m Fairy Light Curtain 3m Drop Warm White – Black or White Cable$50
OrgWhite Organiza to cover Fairy Light Curtain$10
PowerDescriptionPrice 1 Day
Distro33 Phase Nomad 32A Distro$100
Distro1Single phase Distro With RCD$20
Gen22 KVA Honda Inverter Generator$80
Gen7 KVA Honda Inverter GeneratorPOA
Gen10 KVA Trailer GeneratorPOA
Gen20 KVA Trailer GeneratorPOA
Gen80 KVA Trailer GeneratorPOA
CPCable Cover / Ramp$5
32A3 Phase 32A Extension Cable (Various Sizes)From $10
OtherDescriptionPrice 1 Day
LectBlack Lectern$80
LecttvBlack Lectern – With Logo Display Screen$200
IEMSennheiser G3 Dual Receiver IEM Wireless System$80
Stage1mx2m Stage Section Legs at 300mm or 600mm$50
EffectsDescriptionPrice 1 Day
SmallFogSmall Fog Machine 1000watt$30
FogDMXAntari DMX Fog Machine$60
Fog LChauvet Large DMX Fog Machine$80
Haze3dChauvet 3D Haze Machine$80
Haze4dChauvet 4D Haze Machine$80
Haze MVSMVS Haze Machine$100
Haze AAntair Oil Haze$70
LowFogChauvet Low Fog Machine (Cumulus)$100
Snow100Antari 100X Snow (Foam) Machine$70
Snow250Antari 250 Snow (Foam) Machine Wireless$100
BubbleAntari Bubble Machine$35
BubbleRAntari Bubble Machine With Remote$40
LCD ScreensItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
22″22″ IPS Display Monitor$30
27″27″ IPS Display Monitor$40
42″42″ LCD Monitor Screen 720P$100
43″43″ LCD IPS Monitor Screen 1080P$150
55″55″ LCD Monitor Screen 1080P$200
65″65″ LCD Monitor Screen 1080P$300
75″75″ LCD Monitor Screen UHD 4K$400
82″82″ LCD Monitor Screen UHD 4K$600
Projector ScreensItem DescriptionItem Description
80″80″ Portable Pull Up Projector Screen$40
100″100″ Portable Pull Up Projector Screen$80
120″120″ Tripod Portable Screen$80
FF120″120″ Fast Fold Front & Rear Projector Screen$120
FF150″150″ Fast Fold Front & Rear Projector Screen$150
FF180″180″ Fast Fold Front & Rear Projector Screen$180
LEDLED Wall 3.9mm Pitch Outdoor ScreenPOA
ProjectorsItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
3kHitachi 3200 Lumen WUXGA Full HD Projector$150
4kSanyo 4000 Lumen XGA Projector$150
5kPanasonic 5000 Lumen WXGA Projector$200
6kHitachi 6000 Lumen WUXGA Projector$300
VideoItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
SDISDI Video Switcher Data Video or Panasonic$300
DXBlack Widow SDI HDMI Decimator$80
BMSDIBlack Magic SDI Converters$50
Vaxis150m Wireless HDMI / SDI$300
Npro10-20m Wireless HDMI$50
XF305Canon XF305 SDI Professional Camera$400
XF300Canon XF300 HDMI Professional Camera$400
PanPanasonic Handycam$80
728Kramer VP 728 Presentation Scaler / Switcher$150
HDMIHDMI Extender$50
SplitterHDMI Cat 4 Splitter POC$150
LaptopLenovo Laptop$100
RiggingItem DescriptionPrice 1 Day
90Chauvet 2 way Corner$30
BoxChauvet 6 Way Box$50
1m1m Quad Chauvet Truss$10
2m2m Quad Chauvet Truss$20
2.5m2.5m Quad Chauvet Truss$25
3m3m Quad Chauvet Truss$30
TrussBaseBlack Steel 600mm x 600mm Truss Base$15
SHCBShort Cross Bar$5
HCBCross Bar$5
LHCBLong Cross Bar$5
BasePushup Base Plate with Spigot$5
TreeProel 3m Lighting Tree$15

*Pricing is Subject to Change and Includes GST

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