KV2 ES 3 Way Mid High With Dual 15″ Sub
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KV2 ES 3 Way Mid High With Dual 15″ Sub

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Kv2 Audio High Power Passive System for 3000 People

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ES1.0 – The Core of Your ES System

The ES1.0 is a 3-way, very high output, active-driven, mid-high / mid-bass module designed as part of a complete ES system, driven by the EPAK2500/R control and amplification unit. The ES1.0 is compact, lightweight and can be combined with a variety of ES series subwoofers. As a single system it offers one of the highest quality portable sound reinforcement solutions on the market today. When coupled with another ES1.0 (running two horizontally per side) it becomes an even more powerful tool, providing peak SPL of 139dB and a throw of up to 40 metres for applications of up to 3000 people.

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ES1.0 Technical Data Sheet

ES2.5 – High Output Active-Driven Subwoofer

The ES2.5 (4 ohms) is a double 15″, high output subwoofer designed for the ES Series speaker system. Using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers they deliver very high speaker loading and intense output from a relatively small cabinet footprint. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content, they are ideal for use in live applications or as part of a five way ES system utilising VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers. Together with the ES1.0 and EPAK2500/R, the ES2.5/2.6 delivers the highest dynamic range of any other comparable system providing new levels of clarity, depth and resolution.


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